Saturday, October 04, 2008

دیت کلاسیک در روز پیوستن دو آلمان و باقی قضایا

(1) I like the classic date, I almost love it! And today for the first time in my life I experienced it. You might ask what is the classical one, I mean with that term that a guy I only had met one or two times asked me out and we met in the afternoon in the city center. We had warm drinks and talked for about two hours, then he walked me home and in the way told me that the first impression he had about me being sympathetic was true. 

(2) I guess I have to learn Spanish, my flat mates are all speaking Spanish, only Katrin is German but her Spanish is also perfect, she is leaving to Spain to live with her spanish boyfriend; but I don't like Spanish, I wanted to learn French! If I've got that room in Meinzerstr I would have French flat mates but then I would possibly lose the classicality of today's date; dating a room mate is not classic at all, is it?
(3) I was really useful yesterday, I showed a new student the city and my favorite cafe which has internet. I met a friend. I went clubbing with Christina, Philip and others. and I planned to go to Trier in the morning. People say Trier is a little little rome!
(4) And Germany is reunified yesterday in 1990 and everything else that has happend is a shadow of this fact!(recall your religious studies at school)

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